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Landcape Design

Within a Garden consultation, our Garden Designer, Jenna Mellerick, meets with you, on your garden site, to review your garden and understand your garden problems or opportunities.

Questions that are considered in a consultation meeting

Where are the optimal garden spaces on your site, for garden recreation, considering sun/shade and access from the residence?

What garden views would you like from inside of the residence?  How will the garden spaces interact with internal views from the residence?

What style of garden will most suit your property, and the surrounding area (garden fit).  Does the feel of the property require a Formal, Resort style, Minimalist, or Australian garden?  Are there any ideas that you have seen and particularly like?

Are there any views that need to be obscured?  i.e. neighbouring properties.  What hedging/screening ideas will best shield problem areas?

What activities would the people of the residence like to undertake in a garden setting?  Large gatherings, small dining opportunities, vegetable and fruit gardening, pet recreation, games or sporting activities?  Where would these activities be best placed within the garden?

Are any particular plants within the existing garden, or nearby gardens that are thriving or struggling?  What better plant opportunities are there for particular situations – shade, sun, exposure?

What materials (timber, paving, gravel, concrete) will be most practical and enduring in your garden setting.  For garden consistency, should you copy any existing materials within your site, or do materials need to be reconsidered for durability and user safety?

Have the functional elements of outdoor space have been addressed appropriately? – i.e. washing/bins/parking

Do you have a garden budget, or timeframes in which you would like to complete any garden works?

A consultation meeting generally takes up to 1 hour.  A follow up summary email is then developed by Jenna and sent to you for your consideration or action.  If you would like to proceed from garden consultation to Garden Concept Design, Jenna will explain this process and a concept design quotation for this work, at this meeting.

Within the garden consultation meeting, Jenna will take notes, photographs and check quick measurements.  For quotation, or further design progression, please provide a site plan (your residence on your site), with some measurement detail.

For consultations within 15km of Box Hill, Melbourne, a design consultation is valued at $130.  Consultations outside of these boundaries should be discussed with Jenna directly.  Please call Jenna on 0412 534 751 for further information, or to make a booking.

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